Our Story

our-storyThe Church of the Latter Rain (also known as General Assembly Church) is a bible-based fellowship of churches that believe in the virgin birth, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ. We strive to be a united family that is focused on helping each other develop a closer walk with the Lord.

We trace our roots back to the church that Jesus Christ established in the 1st century, which was built on His solid teachings and doctrines that were imparted to the twelve apostles. Following the death of the twelve apostles, false ministers entered the church, and that once powerful church lost its spiritual strength, but not completely. A remnant of people continued to hold fast to the Word of God and persevered through many adversities to preach and practice the doctrines of Christ.

Since that time there have been generations of God-called men and spiritual movements that have led us to this great day. We are a part of this lineage and are working toward the full restoration of God’s church, which will operate in the same perfect order as the Early Rain Church that was established in the 1st century. The restoration of God’s church is imminent and undeniably upon us. The Lord is revealing His truth to those that seek him and illuminating His people so that they can elevate to the next level in his Spirit and love.