Michael Parker, National Support

Michael E Parker

Brother Michael Parker is a lead minister for the Church of the Latter Rain. He travels nationally preaching the Word of God and supporting the growth and development of each assembly. He came to the church at two weeks old in 1975, received the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues at three years old and dedicated his life to serving Jesus Christ at the age of sixteen. In 1998, Brother Michael was ordained a minister in the Church of the Latter Rain.

He has made many significant contributions to the church, including leading the Student Senate (a youth group focused on helping young people become established Christian citizens in the community and within the church) from 1995-2003.He participates in counseling congregants on how to be more unified with the Lord and each other. Brother Michael is also the church’s Chief Operations Officer and oversees a variety of functions that support the church’s natural operations. He is married to Maya, his wife of nearly 14 years.