City within a City

We are a unified group of people who believe in being self-sufficient and supporting each other in personal, professional and spiritual endeavors. We are a family that is fitly joined together and compacted. Each of us offers our unique skills and ability to help one another so that we can better succeed in everything we do.

There are a few things we focus on to help each other:

sistersEconomic Sustainability

At the core of our mission is to create and sustain interdependent relationships within our community so that we remain a viable resource to our members. We do this by supporting the development of entrepreneurs and businesses to provide an ecosystem of services and jobs to our people.

Educational Empowerment

We encourage and support the pursuit of both academic and vocational endeavors through organized child development, youth services and life skills for all ages so that we can be well-rounded, informed, and marketable citizens.

Civil Support

We partner with each other and 3rd party organizations to ensure our members have access to resources that help them navigate common issues and activities that they may have to deal with in the civil world.

Leveraging Technology

We help our members stay connected and informed by utilizing the latest technological advances.

Health and Well-being

We are committed to living healthy natural and spiritual lives and provide our members with information to help them develop and sustain a balanced lifestyle.

Financial Independence

We support and give back to our people. Our goal is to re-circulate our income within City Within a City as many times as possible before it goes outside of our association. Our business is keeping each other in business and providing resources to those who need them Whether it’s a family in need, an elderly member who needs a place to stay, or a student who needs support to go to college, we take care of our own.

Family Development

We help each other to engage in healthy family practices. We focus on ensuring families have the essential life skills they need to be a strong family unit. We believe in utilizing Christian principles in our approach to parenting, dating, marriage, and in understanding the role of a man and a woman.