Serving the Lord


Praise him with the sound of the trumpet: praise him with the psaltery and harp. –Psalm 150:3

The members of the Church of the Latter Rain actively serve the Lord and each other to ensure that everyone has a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment to grow in the Lord.

Our band members volunteer each service singing praise and playing instruments unto the Lord. For nearly forty years, youth have received music lessons, learning how to read music and play instruments of their choice, all for the edification of the church.

Youth serving on their dining hall operations team.

Church members serve on a variety of teams, including dining hall operations where they cook free meals on Sundays for more than one thousand members and visitors, youth development where educational and recreational events for ages 5 to 30 years old are organized, and employment services where the underemployed and unemployed receive support to help them increase their employment opportunities. By serving on these teams, members grow both naturally and spiritually and learn to work together.